Women driving agricultural innovation (Revue Spore Décembre 2017- février 2018)

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In this edition of Spore, the Value Chains article examines the success of Pacific entrepreneurs in one such new market? natural beauty. The innovative entrepreneurs working with farmers to produce natural soaps, oils and lotions in the Pacific are predominantly women. To investigate the key drivers of success for such women entrepreneurs, the Dossier Analysis, Interviewand Field Reports examine the cases of different women-led agribusinesses and the organisations that have supported them. It is crucial for economic growth and food security that women and youth are encouraged and supported to engage in the agricultural sector. The high-level panel on  Promoting youth agri-entrepreneurship in the Pacific? organised by CTA and partners at the PWA ? emphasised the necessity of investing in programmes like CTA?s Pitch AgriHack initiative, which promote youth entrepreneurship in agriculture. The Trends article in this edition highlights the potential of these ?future farmers?, who are harnessing technology to transform agriculture.

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