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The Global Donor Platform for Rural Developmenti (GDPRD) provides a forum to support knowledge sharing and synergies among donor and development agencies for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and an inclusive rural transformation process. Many members of the platform are Increasingly prioritising youth employment. The linkages between the future of agriculture, the transformation of rural spaces and the need to provide youth with the conditions for a decent and meaningful life, raise many questions about the role that donors can play. This has led the Platform members to choose the topic of Rural Youth Empowerment for this year?s General Assembly. The present compendium has been prepared in this context. The compendium is structured in two sections. The first section presents the main findings on trends and approaches used by member organisations to engage with youth in developing countries, as well as remaining gaps and open questions. The second section is a snapshot of members?engagement, including some examples provided by each member of programmes and lessons learned

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